Fr. / Reverend Thaddeus Dzieszko Info – About

Thaddeus Dzieszko Info – About

Thaddeus Dzieszko - Maggotty 2012 -v 2 - Info SiteIn 2003 Father Thaddeus Dzieszko became the 10th pastor of St. Constance Church of Chicago after his predecessor Father Thomas J. Paprocki became the Auxiliary Bishop of Chicago.

Thaddeus Dzieszko has served the church for many years. Please explore this website to learn more about the good work that he is doing in the community.

Saint Constance School and Church began as a small frame church and 90 original families and grew into a modern church, school and social center. In 2017 they celebrate their 100th anniversary!

See this page for Thaddeus Dzieszko’s contact info